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0 taxes

You will pay as low as 0 taxes using our advanced tax strategies, and receive 100% protection against any IRS tax audit. We guarantee you a successful company with the best accounting done by licensed and CPA experts.

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Monthly Accounting

To comply with all applicable tax laws, we perform a month-to-month monitoring process, which consists of reviewing and accounting, documenting the nature of each transaction, and bank reconciliation in accordance with tax laws. This allows us to properly implement the advanced tax strategy we have created specifically for you.

We establish strategies that ensure compliance with tax regulations and payment of up to 0 taxes

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Approved by the IRS

Our service complies with all the requirements of the American Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

Our tax methodology

  • Implementation of an IRS-approved accounting system.

  • Monthly accounting and analysis of all financial transactions in your business.

  • Access to weekly practical strategies and tips from our licensed and accredited investor, Antonio Coa, CPA. 

  • Preparation of monthly financial statements in accordance with banking and tax requirements in the USA.

  • Monthly personalized advice to scale your business to the next level and comply with advanced tax strategy.

  • Preparation of tax supports in accordance with US laws to pay up to 0 taxes in the USA.

  • Filing of federal and state taxes for your business.

  • Filing of federal and state personal taxes. 

  • Effective assistance and advice in audit and tax notifications.

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We want to accompany each of our clients in achieving true profitability, without anything or anyone getting in the way.
We aim to be our clients' financial department in the USA, accompanying them in every step and protecting their income.

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