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Three keys to having a good leadership

  1. Build a good team. Choose team players who are curious, restless, not compliant, who always think about how we can do things in a different, more effective, better way. It is not the leader who achieves the goal, obviously he must support and guide, but in the end, the results are the result of a team that works in the same direction.

  2. Set precise and clear goals. Your work team needs clarity, it is necessary to create a common goal with which everyone is aligned. Actions and decisions should be justified around that goal, so that each team member understands what they are doing and how they contribute to the goal.

  3. You must be open to changes. Routines and short-term success can cause you to get used to a linear situation. Being closed minded will make you lose that success and leadership that you have achieved. Transformation is necessary at all levels. You must be open to new ideas and have others propose what things should be changed and how. The entire team must be part of this process. We must be motivated to learn new things and innovate.

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