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Frequently asked questions to open a bank account in the USA

  1. Do I need an American visa to open a bank account? - No, you only need your current passport

  2. Do I need an address in the USA? - Yes, it can be your own, from a trusted friend or relative where you can receive your debit card

  3. Can I be granted a credit card with the opening of the bank account in USA? - After 6 months, you can apply for a credit card

  4. What type of account can I open in USA? - A commercial account that can be used for PERSONAL or COMMERCIAL use

  5. What is the minimum opening balance of a bank account? - $100 as initial deposit, which goes into your account, and you can withdraw the funds next day, if you wish

  6. Can the bank account have a joint signature? - Yes, but both of you will need to meet the requirements of open a bank account

  7. How can I avoid paying the monthly maintenance of a bank account? - Maintain a minimum daily balance of $ 3,000

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