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Do you know the difference between a millionaire and a billionaire?

  1. My first question is: How long ago was one million seconds ago? - Take a moment, even if you don’t know - What do you guess? The answer is: 12 days ago!

  2. ¿How long ago was a billion seconds ago? - Stay with me, come on; make a guess, commit to a number. The answer is: 32 years ago! That’s the difference betwee a millionaire and a billionaire: 12 days vs. 32 years!

  3. How long ago was a trillion seconds? - The answer is: Nearly 32,000 year ago (31,689, to be exact) The point of this exercise to get you to analyze facts and to calculate the cost of an extraordinary life which is probably less than you think it is. “By Tony Robbins”

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