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8 questions you should ask before leasing a house

  1. What does the lease fee include? Be clear about the cost you must pay each month, in some cases the fee includes the cost of administration and services. In general, these are payments that the tenant assumes, but it is important to establish a mutual agreement.

  2. In what state are the public services? Confirm that all services are up to date on payments, ask if they have made recent revisions to verify that everything is fine and there are no leaks that can increase consumption

  3. How are the neighbors? It is good to know about your future neighbors to know beforehand if there are any problems that may affect you

  4. Do you accept pets? If you have a dog or cat or any other pet, it will be essential to ask if you can have it in the house or apartment.

  5. What action to take if a damage occurs? Depending on the agreement, the arrangement can be paid by the tenant and deducted from the fee, or assumed at one time by the owner

  6. Can you decorate the property? Almost always the landlords ask that the property be returned in the conditions in which they delivered it.

  7. How many people can live on the property? It makes clear who will inhabit the place, evade misunderstandings if there is an extra person living in the property.

  8. Is there availability to park? If you have an insurance car or motorcycle, it is something that you have already consulted. Ask if there is availability for visitor parking

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