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13 things you should do before starting the day to be more productive

  1. Wake Up Early: If mornings are not your time of day, have a coffee with a healthy breakfast to activate

  2. Be on time: Get to work on time

  3. Relax: Before entering the office, take a few breaths to start the day relaxed

  4. Be happy: Being in a bad mood not only affects you, but everyone around you

  5. Say hello to your co-workers: Be nice to them

  6. 5 minutes: When you get to work, take this time to accommodate yourself Before starting your “workday”

  7. Get organized: To be more productive, it is essential that your desk is in order

  8. List of tasks: The first thing you should do is a list of the tasks to perform during the day

  9. Do not be overwhelmed: Surely you have many unread emails. Do not waste an hour reading each one of them

  10. Priority: If you must answer many messages, arrange them in order of importance and urgency

  11. Take advantage of the morning: It is the time of day where we have more mental energy to perform difficult tasks

  12. Pauses: Take 10 minutes of rest in the middle of the morning. This will help you to be more productive.

  13. Do not leave pending items: Make sure you have completed all your priority activities on the day

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