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11 steps and requirements to open and operate a company in the USA

Updated: Apr 13, 2019

  1. Choose a name for your company

  2. Verify if the name is available with the state where you are going to register the company

  3. Choose what kind of company you want to start (LLC, S-Corp., C-Corp, LLP, etc.)

  4. Prepare articles of organization of the company

  5. Register articles of organization with a state of the United States (Florida is the most common state)

  6. Obtain federal tax identification number (EIN) with the federal tax agency, IRS

  7. Open a business bank account with a bank in the USA

  8. Setup accounting system (QuickBooks)

  9. Perform the bookkeeping of your business transactions

  10. Reconcile bank account with the accounting system, monthly

  11. Prepare federal tax return for your company, annually

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