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Our Unique Method

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Fases de Nuestro Metodo

Phases of Our Methodology

To protect your financial assets, our firm, Antonio Coa, LLC, uses a unique methodology that consists of the following three phases:

Phase 1: Creation of US operational and tax strategy.

Phase 2: Implementation of strategy to operate in dollars and pay 0 taxes in the United States.

Phase 3: Compliance with government requirements to protect you before inspections and tax fines.

Detalles de Cada Fase

We will guide you through each phase so you can scale your business to the next level and achieve maximum profitability, while protecting your financial assets

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Creation (Phase 1)
  • Customized legal entity structure to protect your business and pay up to 0 taxes.

  • Company registration, according to the selected legal entity type.

  • Request for Company Tax Identification Number, known as EIN, to operate in USA

  • Preparation of Operating Agreement for the company to legally protect all partners, in accordance with state laws.

  • Request for individual tax identification number, known as ITIN for foreigners, in accordance with tax requirements.

Implementation (Phase 2)
  • Strategic alliance with a financial institution to operate in the United States.

  • Implementation of an IRS-approved accounting system.

  • Monthly accounting and analysis of all financial transactions in your business. 

  • Access to weekly practical strategies and advice from our licensed and accredited investor, Antonio Coa, CPA

  • Preparation of monthly financial statements in accordance with U.S. banking and tax requirements.

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Compliance (Phase 3)
  • Customized monthly advising to scale your business to the next level and fulfill advanced tax strategy.

  • Preparation of tax documents according to US laws to pay up to 0 taxes in the USA

  • Federal and state tax declaration for your business. 

  • Federal and state personal tax declaration.

  • Effective assistance and advice on audit and tax notifications.

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Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN)

We specialize in opening and protecting businesses and we are licensed in taxes in the United States. We are focused on helping and guiding Latin American entrepreneurs looking to establish themselves financially in the United States and take their business to the next level.

We have the best team of certified accountants and CPAs to take care of your financial assets in the face of any IRS inspection or tax penalty. In addition, we have an advanced tax strategy that ensures compliance with American laws, which will allow you to pay up to 0 taxes in the USA.

With over 20 years of combined experience in financial advisory and taxation, we will efficiently assist you in obtaining your Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) in the United States, so that you can protect all your financial assets, including your personal savings.


Our services comply with all the requirements of the United States tax collection service

Approved by the IRS

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Nuestros Especialistas

Meet the specialists


Antonio Coa, CPA, Accredited Investor and President, specialized in US taxes with over 11 years of experience.

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Dr. Yazceminne Perdomo, Lawyer and Real Estate Agent, specialized in US companies and bank accounts.

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Dr. Antonio J. Coa, Sr. Lawyer and Real Estate Agent, specialized in US companies and bank accounts.



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