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Why will this $10,000 office make me richer?

Hello entrepreneur!

Face every challenge in entrepreneurship with courage and always maintain a clear vision of your business. Don't give up in the face of obstacles; use them as springboards to propel yourself higher. Each failure is a lesson that brings you closer to success, so learn from them and keep moving forward with confidence.

Below are the 5 reflections I present in this post:

1. Why will this $10,000 office make me richer?

2. Why do I always quit on Saturdays?

3. Why are Sundays for those who give up?

4. Am I an obsessed father or a bad father?

5. Help! I'm under investigation for non-compliance with tax law.

1 - Why will this $10,000 office make me richer?

Because I just spent over $10,000, fully tax-deductible, renovating "my zero-tax office," which includes new luxury furniture, fresh paint, a new laptop, a professional podcast microphone, new lights, and other incredible office accessories to take my tax business to the next level, which is the "Amazon" of zero taxes.

After 7 years of waking up at 4 am to grow my tax business, I am now transforming my tax business to ensure that all my clients pay 0 taxes in the United States with 30 days of free accounting.

Would you like to take a look at my new "zero-tax" office?


2 - Why do I always quit on Saturdays?

Years ago, I used to ask myself this question: Why do I quit on Saturdays?

What do I mean by this?

What I really mean is, why do I rest on Saturdays, why do I sleep more on Saturdays, why don't I work on Saturdays? Why, why, why?

Today, I know why! Because I never had big goals like the ones I have today! Today, I don't rest on Saturdays, I wake up at 4 a.m. on Saturdays and work 10 times harder on Saturdays.

Do you know why? Because today I have this giant goal that makes me want to get up!

I am transforming my businesses, just like Amazon, to ensure that my customers pay 0 taxes in the United States, while transparently showing them how to do it. That's my why!

Now, do you even know what your why is? Are you 100% sure about what you really want? If you do, I can guarantee you'll wake up at 4 a.m. on a Saturday!

3 - Why are Sundays for those who give up?


I still wake up at 4 a.m., especially on Sundays, because Sundays are the days when I do the majority of my tax work as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA)!

For example, right now, after the tax season, I am working on this incredible business project that will take my clients' financial freedom goals to the next level.

I am creating the "Amazon" of taxes! Essentially, I want my accounting firm to be like Amazon from the perspective of transparency.

From the moment you place an order from your home to the moment it gets delivered to your home, without lifting a finger (besides clicking), you will be able to clearly see how we are handling your taxes and their status until it is delivered to your doorstep.

You see, in complete transparency, our tax methodologies and processes, so that you can pay zero taxes in the United States and save 20 years' worth of expenses to reach your financial freedom faster.

Now, do you really think I will complete this incredible project during the week? Of course not! I have to work on weekends at 4 a.m. to become the "Amazon" of taxes! Does it make sense?

4 - Am I an Obsessed or Bad Father?

I know some people already think I’m an obsessed father, obsessed husband, obsessed son, obsessed business owner,

obsessed CPA and tax expert, obsessed that my clients pay 0 taxes in the US, and obsessed with money! Obsessed, obsessed, obsessed.

So I decided to look up the definition of obsession. Now according to the dictionary, obsessed simply means “preoccupied or worried constantly by some idea or interest.”

So is that good or bad? It obviously depends! Let me give you crazy examples: Do you think that Jesus Christ was obsessed about changing the world?

Do you think Michael Jordan was obsessed about being the best basketball player? Do you think Elon Musk was obsessed about building the best electric car?

Do you think I’m obsessed about my clients paying 0 taxes in the United States?

You need to listen to this now! The only way to achieve your dreams and goals is to become obsessed about those things! No other option!

5 - Help! I'm under investigation for Non-Compliance with Tax Law.

Just last week, I received a letter from the Department of Business and Professional Regulation in Florida informing me that they have opened a complaint against my CPA accounting and tax license.

In summary, I am being investigated for not completing a four-hour training related to business ethics.

However, in my defense, I did complete the four-hour ethics training, which was provided by the AICPA.

But they clarified that the training was not valid because it was not provided by one of their approved providers.

I didn't know that! I assumed that the professional organization for CPAs in the United States (AICPA) would be an approved provider.

My next step is to complete the required training to avoid being penalized and risking my CPA accounting and tax license.

So pay attention to the letters you receive from federal, state, or local government, and call your CPA to avoid any penalties!

Did you know you can pay 0 taxes in the U.S. with 30 days of free accounting?

Let’s pay zero taxes!

Antonio Coa, CPA

Tax Specialist &

Accredited Investor

Antonio Coa, LLC

Whatsapp: (561) 814-4558

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