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Keep Going Entrepreneur!

As you face the challenges of entrepreneurship, it's important to keep the vision of your business in mind and remember why you decided to venture out in the first place. Don't give up in the face of obstacles, learn from them and keep moving forward. Remember that every failure is an opportunity to grow and improve. Keep going, entrepreneur, success is within your reach!

Today, I share with you some stories from my journey as an entrepreneur to demonstrate that you can achieve the goal you desire if you truly put in the effort for it.

Next, I present to you five topics for your reflection:

  1. How I made $19,200 a month? Within 2 weeks!

  2. Why did I quit KPMG? Ego or Fear?

  3. How Middle Class Thinking Cost Me a Fortune

  4. How Ricky Martin Enjoys 0% Taxes in Paradise?

  5. How Grant Cardone Transformed my CPA Tax Business

1- How I made $19,200 a month? Within 2 weeks!


Let me do simple math for you to see how I first calculated that financial goal:

1. $19,200 divided by 4 weeks = $4,800 per week

2. $4,800 divided by 5 days = $960 per day

3. $960 divided by 8 hours = $120 per hour

After I calculated my target of $120 per hour. All I needed to do is look for someone that had my money. In other words, I just needed to find a client that can afford paying me $120 per hour, as a CPA specializing in US taxes.

At that point, I was focused with no excuses or distractions. That’s the power of establishing a clear financial target.

After putting my energy and 100% of my time towards that goal, I made it happen in just two weeks!

I found my client who paid me $120 per hour for four 4 months! Who was my client? A multinational accounting firm, called PricewaterhouseCoopers, LLP

The best part? They paid me through my S-corporation and I saved 15.3% in taxes.

If I can do it, why couldn’t you?

2- Why did I quit KPMG? Ego or Fear?


I started my financial audit and tax genius career at KPMG, a multinational accounting firm, located in Miami, FL.

I was so excited to join that firm because it was so freaking hard to get in there. It was as if I was applying to get into Harvard. However, what I didn’t know, it felt like I was in the marines when I was working there.

One day, after working till 3 in morning, I decided to quit! I couldn’t live that kind of live anymore. However, today, looking back and asking myself why did I really quit? It was a combination of two things:

1. My personal Ego was too delicate

2. I was afraid of failing (or even worse of getting promoted.)

Today I’ve learned that if your ego is more important than your financial or personal goals, my friend, you are in trouble because the journey is hard and sometimes people will step on you and you have to learn to take that punch and keep moving forward.

3- How Middle Class Thinking Cost Me a Fortune


I had the amazing opportunity this weekend to get reunited with two of my friends, who I’ve known for more than 18 years. We cooked burgers, venezuelan arepas, and had plenty of beers.

Yesterday, as my friend Carlos slept over, I asked him to help me install a fan outside my patio since I wanted to save $200 in installation costs. Biggest mistake ever!

We started at about 12pm and finished installing this freaking fan at about 8pm! 8 hours of completely wasted time! Here is the funny thing: I make a minimum of $200 per hour in my CPA tax business. So, instead of working on my business to make a minimum of $1,600, I decided to save $200 in installation costs! It doesn’t make a sense! I didn’t even have time to create a tax educational video for social media!

So what do you think? As a CPA tax accountant, Do I still have an middle class or a millionaire’s mentality?

4- How Ricky Martin Enjoys 0% Taxes in Paradise?


Attention online business owners, have you heard about this jaw-dropping tax incentive program in Puerto Rico that could save you $30,000 in taxes if you make more than $100,000 or $300,000 if you make more than $1,000,000?

I don’t care how much money you make, but you can qualify to pay 0 income taxes, if you meet the following tax requirements:

1. You have to move to Puerto Rico

2. You have to have be a business owner or a self-employee

3. You have to offer your services online or from Puerto Rico (such as a consulting business or online courses.)

4. You have to make money! To take advantage of the 0% income tax rate.

If you don’t believe me, read more about the special tax incentive program known as Act 60 in Puerto Rico.

I’m thinking of having one more drink with my friend Ricky Martin!

5- How Grant Cardone Transformed my CPA Tax Business?


Just a year ago, I had the amazing opportunity to meet Grant Cardone in person! Let me show you this special moment.

In case you don’t know him, Grant is a billionaire specializing in real estate investing and business coaching.

Two of his great books are:

1. The 10x Rule, and

2. Be obsessed or be average.

Here is how he changed my accounting and tax business:

1. He helped me changed my middle class mentality and taught me that every goal I have, I should multiply it by 10. For example, if my goal is to help my clients save $10,000 in taxes, I must save them $100,000 in taxes.

2. He taught to be obsessed (not average) with my mission, which is to help business owners organize their finances and pay zero taxes so that they can establish financial freedom, like I personally have.

Never ever change the target, just change the level of activity! (He says and I agree).

Would you like to receive 30 days of FREE accounting to organize your finances and pay up to 0 taxes in the USA?

Let’s pay zero taxes!

Antonio Coa, CPA

Tax Specialist &

Accredited Investor

Antonio Coa, LLC

Whatsapp: (561) 814-4558

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