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I have 2 boats! After 13 years of hard work!

Here are the topics I present to you in this publication:

  1. I have 2 boats! After 13 years of hard work!

  2. Why am I, a middle-class person, more selfish than the rich?

  3. Why were you so lazy on 4th of July?

  4. I will do anything for my Family EXCEPT

  5. I refuse to have a relaxing Sunday!

1 - I have 2 boats! After 13 years of hard work!

Before I show you a quick video of my family and I having fun on our two new boats, I just wanted to say that hard work, really hard work, pays off!!!

For many years now, I have been waking up at 4am, working 12 hours a day, working Monday though Sunday, sacrificing hours of sleep, sacrificing family events, sacrificing my home in Florida.

Having to move to North Carolina for 5 years to lower my cost of living, sacrificing time with my wife and daughters, and sacrificing my quality of life to be able to grow by tax business so that my clients pay zero taxes in the United States.

After all those years of sacrifices and hard work, I am now able to have 2 boats! well, it’s really 3 boats but you won’t believe me! I’ll talk about how I did this later!

So I’m telling all this not to show off, but to show you that after being disciplined, consistent, working hard for at least 5 years, you will see amazing results!

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2 - Why am I, a middle-class person, more selfish than the rich?

Have you ever ask yourself the following question:

Who do you truly think is more selfish? You, a middle-class person or the rich and the millionaires?

I know I used to think that the rich were very selfish, took advantage of the middle class, and that they were just bad people.

But now, as I’m growing my CPA tax business to make sure my clients pay 0 taxes in the United States, I have personally experienced what the rich and the millionaires have to do and provide to others to become and stay touch.

Here is my experience:

The rich provide jobs not just for their family but for others, including total strangers. The rich make significant sacrifices so that their families and strangers receive more value than the actual cost, the rich make sure that the U.S economy keeps growing, and the rich just give so much more without expecting any short-term result.

So let me ask you, what are you doing for your family, parents, kids, uncles, nephews, and even strangers? Do you really think that with just $100,000 a year you can support other people other than yourself and perhaps your wife? Have you ever done this math? Why don’t you go out and start thinking bigger than yourself and your family? It is now time to wake up and stop being selfish for once.

3 – Why were you so lazy on 4th of July?

I usually create educational videos during the week and create personalized motivational videos during the weekends.

But since yesterday was 4th of july, my marketing assistant was so lazy to take the whole day off that she couldn’t take one hour of her time to create an educational video to teach you how to pay zero taxes in the United States.

Here is what I don’t understand: most of my team and employees keep telling me that they have these big dreams, such as buying a house, paying for their kids’ education, taking care of their parents, taking a month vacation in Asia, etc., but, every time there is a holiday such as 4th of July, Christmas, new year’s day, etc., they run away from their big dreams to take a break and take a day off!

Let me give you one advice: if you really want to achieve your dreams, stop talking about them and do not take a single day off until you have achieved your dreams!

4 – I will do anything for my Family EXCEPT...

As I keep making financial and tax education videos for social media, on a daily basis, I keep thinking about these questions:

Is this worth it?, is this going to pay off in the future?, why do these videos take so much time to make?

What are people thinking of me? What is my family thinking of me? Why do people always focus on the negative parts of the video? Why don’t I have more views? Should I quit? Should I give up? Should I give up? Should I give up?

However, while I have all these questions and doubts, I know 100%, without any hesitation, that no matter the punches I take, I will do anything for my family EXCEPT for one thing:

I will never, ever, give up on my dreams, which includes making sure that my clients pay zero taxes in the United States.

5 – I refuse to have a relaxing Sunday!

Have you ever thought about who put the idea in your brain that Sundays are the days that you must relax, take a break or even sleep till 10 in the morning!

Let me ask you this: Do you think Jesus Christ took said to himself, you know what, since it’s Sunday, I’m going to take a break from my goal of impacting the religious world.

Do you think Steve Jobs took a break on Sundays to change the computer industry?

What would you think if you were my client, and I found the perfect solution to help you achieve financial freedom by paying 0 taxes in the United States, but then I tell you this:

Hey man, today is Sunday so I cannot give you that perfect solution because I’m taking a break.

The solution it’s simple! Even after going to bed at 11pm last night, today, on a Sunday, I woke up at 4am, organized my house, created a motivational video, worked on my tax business, and then at 11am, I’m going to go out on my new boat to have a blast with my family!

Is that an “average and relaxing” Sunday or an exciting Sunday? What do you think?

Did you know you can pay 0 taxes in the U.S. with 30 days of free accounting?

Let’s pay zero taxes!

Antonio Coa, CPA

Tax Specialist &

Accredited Investor

Antonio Coa, LLC

Whatsapp: (561) 814-4558

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